Finished Design – Floating Sakura Book 2

If you’ve been following me, by now you know about the Floating Sakura Collection project I’ve been up to. We’ll let the others catch up, via the first post. In the meantime, I’m back with another update on the design of book 2… the artwork is done! AND, we finished putting together our first demo book! Check it out below.

FLoating Sakura Notebooks 2 with logo

Aside from slight color changes, the back cover is nearly identical to the first book. But what’s really different is the art on the cover. I was pretty hesitant about following through on coloring it because I wasn’t too happy with how the sketch turned out. yukata design(Not that it was bad, but I tried a couple of new things with it.) I’m way more confident about the colored version. I also added an original design to her yukata, which was so tedious to draw, my hand cramped up halfway through. (After all the sketching I’ve been doing lately, I’m not surprised…) Luckily for me, the pain was worth it in the end!

anime girl

I wanted to create a darker-toned character for this one. When looking at my own hair, it’s not perfectly straight on the ends, so I tried to make her hair appear fluffy and frisky. (She has a kinky bun on top!) These kind of characters don’t seem to show up in anime often, but that’s a plus for me, since I get to experiment with colors, see what works and what doesn’t with darker tones, and truly create something unique.

Look forward to more dark and tan anime skin tones from me in the future, since they’re pretty fun to work with!

Where to Get the Notebook

This lovely notebook is open for pre-orders in the webstore, The print team and I are going to whip up a bunch very soon, and they should be ready by the end of the week. Thanks to all who pre-ordered Book 1! Onward to Book 3!

If you’d like to follow me on this anime art and design journey, please subscribe to the blog HERE or at the bottom of the page. Thanks for adding a little anime “spice” to everyday life! I’ll be back soon!

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