Introducting AnimeKoumi!

If you’re new to the AnimeSpice Studios blog, a warm welcome to you! This is the blog where I share my progress and process on the various art projects I take on as an animator and anime artist. So far I’ve pursued the idea of creating some awesome notebooks with my local print shop (aka the print team), starting a series called Floating Sakura, which I talk about here. It’s been a short while since I’ve done any updates on this blog, but for good reason.

AnimeKoumi launched!

Let me explain: I’ve been designing stationery and paper good items since high school ( that was a long time ago;;;) Much of them you can find in So now, more than ten years later, someone says to me, “you should start a monthly subscription box” and the more I thought about it, the more it made sense.
My “Blueberry Love” stationery set
Not a day goes by that I’m not designing and drafting up ideas for stationery and small collectible items. And not only would it be a fun challenge for me to design each month hand-crafting items and working with printers, but it could also be a surprise to subscribers what gifts they’ll receive. Thus, AnimeKoumi was born!
surprise koumi box ad
A box full of anime gifts!
AnimeKoumi is your monthly surprise of stationery and gift items designed by AnimeSpice (that’s me!). Each month we choose a new theme and I get to work designing the perfect gift set for subscribers. The themes can range from food, animals, kawaii and geek culture, Japanese culture, Asian and American holidays, and the list goes on!
floating sakura collection header 3
And guess what the first theme will be. Floating Sakura! The notebooks you’ve seen me designing will be part of the box, along with a bunch of other sweet Sakura items I can’t wait for you guys to see.
The website is up, and we’re open for pre-subscriptions which will run until March 31st. Once orders close, that’s it and boxes ship the first week of April. (For more info on how the subscription process works, please visit AnimeKoumi’s FAQ page!)  I’ll only be designing and creating a short run of each item, which means most of the items you receive in your gift box will be exclusive to AnimeKoumi and won’t go up on
Honestly, this is a big, exciting and scary venture for me and as I’ve been preparing the first boxes, my world has expanded from just the local print team down the street to printers and manufacturers around the world. (I do not lie – one item in particular is from the UK!). Please spread the word and share AnimeKoumi with anyone that you know.
Oh, one more thing! Anyone who signs up to the newsletter on (HERE), I have a “20% off your first box” coupon waiting for you! Thanks so much for reading you guys! You are the best, and I’ll have more updates soon~

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