Welcome to the AnimeSpice Studio blog, an inside look at some of the latest projects and products being designed, and animated by AnimeSpice.  See some of her drawing process, character design work, and the newest school and stationary items for sale.

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Who is AnimeSpice?

me in a circleMarian Streeter, also known by her artist name, AnimeSpice, is a designer and animator with a passion for Japanese cartoons. She first started drawing in an anime style when she was 14 and later opened AnimeSpiceStore.com with the purpose designing school supplies, stationary, and other novelty gift items to bring a little anime “spice” to everyday life.

Her signature style makes use of the Japanese animation production coloring style, known as hard cel-shading, which uses bold shadows and sharp edges.

Marian has been published in multiple newspapers, including the Chicago Shimpo, and her work has been featured in the Sakura Exhibition, and debuted in  a handful of art shows and events in Chicago.

AnimeSpice Store is now a full-fledged company featuring Marian’s work.