Sketch Update – Floating Sakura Book 2

As said in previous posts, I will be designing 4 notebooks for the Floating Sakura collection. My first notebook is complete and you can see it here. Today, I wanted to give a little sneak peak at the next notebook cover art. Check out some of the rough sketches below.

floating sakura rough for book 2

Rough Sketch

floating sakura clean for book 2

Cleaned Sketch

floating sakura layout colors for book 2

This is the layout color. Obviously these won’t be the final colors, but this gives me an idea of where everything is at, and makes things easier to see since there are quite a few details. I don’t really use this layout step often, but for this particular picture, I wanted to make sure there’s a good sense of balance and flow going on. I found that adding the other hand on the umbrella pole might add balance so that explains the gray shape. A sort of bookmark for me.

I like the drawing though, not very happy with it for some reason, and will make some adjustments. What do you think?

Thank you readers for stopping by and adding a little anime “spice” to everyday life. See you again soon!

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