Finished Design – Floating Sakura Book 1

Hello everyone! If you have been following me for the last few posts, you’ll most likely remember my project, Floating Sakura.

For those who haven’t, here’s the gist: Being part anime artist and part graphic designer, I started a passion project to create engaging anime stationary that you can use at school or at home. Floating Sakura is my first collection as part of this project. I will be designing 4 notebooks, front to back, all with original art based on sakura, Japanese cherry blossoms, water, and sweet anime girls.

Currently, I am working with the print team to make these designs a reality and I’m proud to say that the first Floating Sakura notebook is complete!

Floating Sakura Notebooks - AnimeSpice

Here are the demos. The layout turned out great! Even though I wasn’t too sure how the back cover would pair up with the front artwork, but I have no complaints. If you want to see my sketch process, check out my previous entry.

notebook 1 back cover - logo

The book has 50 sheets and paper with blossoms faded into the background. We can make them with or without the design, wide ruled or college ruled. Also, I decided to stick with black coil so as not to compete with the art.

notebook 1 inside - logo

So good news! We’ll have a bunch of these books made up in the next few days, just in time for school. If you want to preorder a few of them, they’re now available on the webstore.

Thanks for reading and adding a little anime “spice” to your life, and I will see you soon with more art!

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