Sketch Update – Floating Sakura Book 1

Hey there! In the last post, I mentioned my new project, the Floating Sakura Collection. It’s a series of notebooks inspired by Japanese cherry blossoms, water, and sweet anime girls in yukata.  I am currently drawing up the anime art for the front cover of the first notebook, one of four notebooks that will make up the collection.

Notebook Template 1

Last time, I posted a copy of the design layout for the back cover, but what will be on the front?

I now have the beginning sketches!

floating sakura sketch rough

Rough Sketch

The hardest part has been attempting to draw wet hair and hair undulating under the water.

floating sakura sketch clean logo

Clean Sketch

In my next post, I will have the finished artwork, color and all. Stay tuned!

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  1. elpasell says:

    Amazing anime picccccss!!

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